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Here is all of the latest information on music class with Ms. Middleton.

Our Music Curriculum

First Steps in Music (3K-2nd Grade)

Conversational Solfege (3rd-5th Grade)

Quaver Music (3K-5th Grade)

Grading in the Music Room

Kindergarten-5th Grade students are graded based on the following:

National Core Arts Standards

Create~ Students will generate, develop, and refine artistic work.

Perform~ Students will analyze, develop, and convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.

Respond~ Students will critically interpret intent and meaning in order to evaluate artistic work.

Connect~ Students will relate prior knowledge and personal experience with music to cultural and historical contexts.


Students will receive a score from 0-4 in each of the standards above

0~ No Evidence

Student did not submit any evidence of learning

Does not demonstrate understanding of core concepts or is unable to apply knowledge or skills

1~ Beginning

Major errors or omissions on basic and more complex grade-level content/skills

Demonstrates some understanding of core concepts

2~ Developing

Independently uses basic grade-level content/skills with no major errors or omissions. However, major errors or omissions on more complex content/skills

Developing a basic understanding of core skills and concepts

3~ Proficient

Independently uses complex grade-level content/skills with no major errors or omissions

Consistently demonstrates understanding of core skills and concepts

4~ Advanced

Independently makes accurate, in-depth inferences and applies content/skills to complex, open-ended problems and tasks

Consistently demonstrates understanding of complex skills and concepts