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Here is all of the latest information on music in KUSD.

Our Music Curriculum

First Steps in Music (3K-2nd Grade)

Conversational Solfege (3rd-5th Grade)

Quaver Music (3K-5th Grade)

Grading in the Music Room

Kindergarten-5th Grade students are graded based on the following standards:

Creating~ w/Rhythm and Melody

Performing~ Vocal and Instrumental

Elements of Music~ Demonstrates understanding of grade-level appropriate musical elements

Music Habits~ Actively participates in activities as a responsible, respectful, and safe musician



Students will receive a score from 1-4 in each of the standards above

1~ Area of Concern

The learner is not yet able to demonstrate explicitly taught knowledge and skills

2~ Progress Toward Benchmark

The learner demonstrates some explicitly taught knowledge and skills and/or is not yet independent

3~ Meeting Benchmark

The learner independently demonstrates explicitly taught knowledge and skills

4~ Exceeding

The learner demonstrates in-depth applications that go beyond what was explicitly taught